So its worth noting that, whilst the title of this post is 24 hours in the Capertee Valley the Middle of Nowhere, this trip ended up being a mere 12 hour, disaster-fuelled trip, borne by my desire to do something different, and ending up in a trip that whilst very different, perhaps not in the way that we were hoping.

An adventure it was. a 3 hour drive west of Sydney, we left our run a little too late, and were somewhat underprepared. By underprepared, I mean we brought no food, had little in the way of snacks, and didn't do any homework on the town with which we were heading towards. Needless to say, we arrived after the general store had closed, meaning no dinner, with our only option being a 45 minute drive to nearby Portland. All of this, with Cooper waiting patiently (read: crying) for his dinner, which came in the form of fish and chips an hour after his normal dinner time.

All-in-all, plenty of lessons learned. And whilst we don't regret, I dare say we will think twice before leaving Sydney without a plan.

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