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Planning your wedding in the middle of a global pandemic? Maybe wanting a small wedding but also want to share your big day with loved ones overseas. A wedding livestream can help give you share your big day with those who cant be there, whether it be because of a pandemic or whatever.

My wedding livestream packages are built to deliver high-quality wedding livestream services with affordable prices. The packages come in two options, with both delivering fantastic quality and value for couples.

Check out my wedding livestream packages below.

Wedding Livestream Package Inclusions

All of my wedding livestream packages come with the following inclusions:

High-resolution wedding livestream delivered via your very own webpage: your wedding livestream will be showcased on a dedicated page on my website. I use premium wedding livestream services, such as Vimeo, to deliver the livestream seamlessly. I also bring along my own 5G internet hotspot in case we are in a location without internet.

Only the best technology used: I use professional-grade camera and audio equipment to ensure the highest quality wedding livestream for my couples.

HD video download within 24-48 hours: your wedding will be available for download in stunning high-definition within 24-48 hours of the wedding, which you can keep forever and share with family and friends.

What You Get

High-Definition Live Streaming

Don't confuse this with that Zoom call quality that you are used to. We use high-quality video cameras to stream your wedding in glorious high definition. These cameras are a little overkill, but you can be assured when you stream with use that the picture quality you get is the absolute best.

High Definition Recording

Your wedding is not only live-streamed to the world, but we also record it as well, which you can then download and keep forever. The downloaded copy is a full HD copy that includes high quality audio mixing, ensuring your wedding recording is of the highest quality

Professional Audio

Often overlooked, audio is just as, if not more important than the video of your stream. We have this covered, with high quality, professional level audio equipment. This includes Rode shotgun and lavelier microphones to ensure we are capturing the highest quality audio, as well as professional level audio mixers, included in our livestream rig, to ensure we get a high quality audio mix every time.

4K Upgrade (Optional)

Want a 4K Ultra High Definition recording of your wedding? Look no further. We can record your wedding in glorious 4K, and will even remaster the colour of your wedding so that it is of the highest possible quality. Your stream will still be in high defintion, but you will receive a 4K copy of the wedding within 72 hours of the event. This is the best way to ensure you have the best quality copy of your wedding, future proofing it for generations to come.

Speech Coverage (Optional)

Want your speeches streamed and recorded? Easy! We offer the same high-quality streaming service for your speeches and formalities. And of course, you get everything that is normally included in ceremony coverage, including HD recording and high quality audio mixing.

Russell & Megan

Kate & Chris

Ceremony and Speeches

Ceremony Single cam

featured livestream

the wedding ceremony of

Rikki & Jake

Centennial Homestead

featured livestream


Megan & Russell


Pricing & Packages

Multi Camera Package

Single Camera Package

Add-On: Speeches & Formalities

The multi camera package provides you with the following inclusions:

• Multiple camera's to capture the ceremony from multiple angles (including close up of bride and groom)

• High quality audio through an high quality audio mixer

• Dedicated, shareable webpage for guests to view the livestream

• High-definition download of the wedding within 24-48 hours

The single camera package provides you with the following inclusions:

• One camera, set up at the back of the room, to capture the ceremony

• High quality audio managed through an high quality audio mixer

• Dedicated, shareable webpage for guests to view the livestream. You can even have your own chat room.

• High-definition download of the wedding within 24-48 hours

Available as an additional add-on to either the single or multi-camera packages.

• Speeches live-streamed and recorded in high-definition

• Cutting of the cake and the first dance live-streamed and recorded in high definition

• Recordings available for download within 24-48 hours




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