The Wedding of Kate and Raquel

Live From Appin House, Australia

Welcome to the Wedding of Kate and Racquel

Reception to Begin at 5.30pm

The wedding of Kate & Raquel will be live-streamed from Appin House, in New South Wales Australia.

The livestream will begin at the time listed on the below video. The time is correct in the viewers location.

21 responses to “Kate & Raquel”

  1. Kelly Avatar

    Can’t wait to watch

  2. Cass Willmett Avatar
    Cass Willmett

    To Raquel and kate,
    May this day be the most magical day that you both have dreamed of. May it be the start of happily ever after. I didn’t know kate and honestly Didn’t know raquel except through some mutual groups and friends on facebook. I had seen raquel post all her dreams, her love for helping people, rainbows, lgbtqi+ rights, the start of her derby dream and then watched as she fell head over heels for kate who treated her as a queen, their dates were adventures and always found the most amazing food. Raquel and kate you both blossomed into incredibly happy beautiful people who you could see completed each other. Your love has made it through some really hard and trying times, including the world shutting down. Through it all i coulf see your love will make it through everything. I didn’t know kate well but loved seeing them both so happy and i dont think that smile has been wiped away from either face in 6 years. May the next 60 years be filled with everything you both have Dreamed of, through all ups and downs! Happy wedding day! I cant wait to see you become wife and wife and all the photos! ❤️ much love from Qld.

  3. Tracey Phipps Avatar
    Tracey Phipps

    Im up and ready for the wedding to start

  4. Towana BacchusYates Avatar
    Towana BacchusYates

    So hapoy for yall!! Congratulations!!

  5. MoD Avatar

    so happy to be watching this – such love and warm feelings are coming to you from chilly Canberra!

  6. HOPE REED Avatar

    Congratulations! I am so happy to be watching your ceremony from the u.s. i may pop over to the kiddie section while we wait on raquel! ????????

  7. Lisa Avatar

    CoNgratulations Kate and raquel on your special day. Celebrating with you in love and happiness. All the best.

  8. Bec emily zara Avatar
    Bec emily zara

    We are so happy for you both

  9. Steve Scholten Avatar
    Steve Scholten

    Congratulations guys, wish you all the best on this jorney

  10. Michelle "PJ" whiddon Avatar
    Michelle "PJ" whiddon

    Congratulations to such A wonderful couple!

    You both look amazing! Wishing you a life Of love and happiness. Blessings to you both!

  11. Mikayla mcglone Avatar
    Mikayla mcglone

    So beautiful ???? congrats to you both

  12. Edwina gillespie Avatar
    Edwina gillespie

    That was such a joyful ceremony guys! So full of fun, love and light. As a wedding should be! Congratulations to you both, sending loads of love for a lifetime of wonderful ❤️

  13. Tracey Phipps Avatar
    Tracey Phipps

    Congratulations ????????????

  14. Tracie kors Avatar
    Tracie kors

    Beautiful wedding raquel and Kate.
    Congratulations to you both xx

  15. Debra Watson Avatar
    Debra Watson

    CONGRATULATIONS rainbow(tink/raquel) and Kate this was an an amazing wedding so happy for you both- wishing you an amazing life together forever ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  16. Kate Taylor Avatar
    Kate Taylor

    What a beautiful wedding. And do much fun Thank you for inviting me to share your special day. Im in melbourne and attending with my 2 precious granddaughters.we all loved the music, the bright colours and the happiness. I wish you All the positivity and love you deserve.

  17. Stefanie and sheryl Avatar
    Stefanie and sheryl

    What a fantastic Wedding! You both look wonderful, and it was so great to hear your voices again. Thanks for live streaming this special occasion so we could join you from california.

  18. Mammabee Avatar

    Congratulations to you both. I’m so happy for you and for what your future holds.

  19. Maria Hristodoulou Avatar
    Maria Hristodoulou

    Oh my this makes me so happy congrats lovelies ❤️

  20. Angela Cardella Avatar
    Angela Cardella

    Thank you for sharing your wedding with us here in Kansas. Congratulations ladies and sending you love and hugs for your future.

  21. Shaz Avatar

    To Rochelle and Kathy, it was such a lovely wedding! Thanks so much for sharing it with us! Wishing you love light and PEACE!

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