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Four seasons in one day. Its a bit cliche but this wedding really had that and more. The day started off with soaring temperatures, hitting 36 degrees by mid afternoon. Luckily, we had the stunning Old Clare Hotel to start the day off, with Alysia and Gerald getting ready together in the comfort of their hotel room, surrounded by family. Opting for a less traditional approach to the early stages of the day, Alysia and Gerald chose to get ready together, before heading out to get some pre-wedding photos in the secret passages of the Old Clare Hotel, the stunning Kensington Street, and the Art Deco surrounds of Chippendale.

Once we headed outside, the weather began to turn. Slight raindrops signalled the oncoming storm that was heading our way. Alysia and Gerald soldiered on and im glad they did.

By the time they were officially married, in a sweet ceremony at the Olio restaurant on Kensington Street, the weather gods decided they were not done with us yet. Midway through family photos in the middle of Kensington Street, gale force winds decided to wreak havoc on our plans.

Alas, there was one final change in the weather, a good one for us. Just as the sun began to dip lower upon the horizon, the clouds abated and the wind slowed to a whisper, transforming the once dark and moody sky into one of then most stunning sunsets you are likely to see. Always up for an adventure, we ventured out with Alyssia and Gerald to a beautiful rooftop and out into the gardens of Chippendale to capture the final moments of light that sunset had for us.

A truly magical wedding for all.

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