Everybody wants amazing wedding portraits from their big day, but portraits are often overlooked when scheduling the wedding day. Here are three tips to think about when you want to ensure you get amazing portraits on your wedding day. 

Timing is everything

That age old saying. Timing is so critical when scheduling your wedding portrait session. It’s a hard thing to manage, I get it. Backwards map everything from sunset. Generally, an hour is a good amount of time for portraits, so have these finish about 15 minutes after sunset. If that means the ceremony starts too late, then make sure you schedule a break in the reception (perhaps splitting speeches into two blocks) so you can sneak off for a 20 min session at sunset.

Chase the sun

Elevation is key. It’s no good scheduling a sunset portrait session if you can’t see the sun. So when you are booking your wedding location, make sure there are ample spots nearby for you to be able to see the sunset and get that magical golden hour light that we are all obsessed with. Getting married in the city? Look for streets that run east‑to‑west where the sun will be directed down at sunset. You can also use buildings to reflect sunlight, so look for elevated rooftop vantage points.'

Sydney Wedding Photographer Casey Morton

When all else fails, window light

An oldie but a goodie. If you can’t schedule the portrait session for golden hour, make sure you have spaces with giant windows so you can get that nice, diffused sidelight. Nothing improves an image like some diffused side light. In the image below, the couple are standing in a dark barn with the only light being the natural light seeping in through the barn doors.

Sydney Wedding Photographer - Casey Morton

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