There aren’t too many places in Sydney where you can have a beachside wedding and still get married in a church. If you have been looking for somewhere that meets this criteria, then the Coast Chapel at Little Bay has you covered. A cute little chapel located on a hill overlooking Little Bay Beach, the chapel is a pretty good option for couples looking for an intimate seaside wedding, but as with most locations, there are a few things to consider before booking.

The Details

Location: The Coast Chapel is located by the ocean at 50 Pine Ave, Little Bay NSW. It sits right above the entrance to Little Bay Beach, with golf courses to the north and south of the chapel, as well as a residential area.

Capacity: The chapel has a capacity of 100 guests. With that said, its probably more comfortable at approximately 80 guests as it is a relatively small chapel.

Cost: $1250 for two hours

Accommodation: there aren't many accommodation options in the area. Your best bet is airbnb. A few options are linked below.

Parking: there is a small parking area at the front of the chapel (the western side), for approximately 8 cars. Not great for guests, although there is plenty of street parking. Be aware that if its a hot day, the street parking will get snapped up pretty quickly by people visiting the beach.

The Good

The Seaside Location

It's tough to beat the amazing vista through the stained glass windows. Set upon the top of the hill, the chapel is perched in an amazing spot, close to a very pretty little beach. Your guests are going to love making the trip to a beachside location for a wedding, without the hassle of having to get sand in their shoes. Who knows if your guests are paying attention to the ceremony or if they are staring at the wonders of the sea outside the windows, but at least they will be facing the right direction!

Outdoor Photos

There are plenty of great options for you to get some amazing photos outside, wether you head down to the beach, along the rocks, or exploring some of the heritage listed buildings that surround the chapel. This can make getting bridal party photos painless and efficient, although do be aware that there isn't a lot of cover, so timing your photos at the right time of the day is vital.

This is taken outside the church, overlooking Little Bay. A short walk to the beach or to the rocks for bridal party photos.

The Not-So-Good

Its a Challenging Location to Photograph

See the image at the top? Yeah, those stained glass windows, am I right? Look past the amazing windows and towards the seating and you will notice that the lighting in the chapel is less-than-ideal. This makes getting great photos in the chapel a challenge, particularly if your photographer prefers natural light. You can get around this, either through (a) using some artificial light, or (b) using some creative angles. But just be aware, lighting is a bit of a challenge here.

The Blue Carpet

Seriously, what the hell were they thinking? It goes without saying, the blue carpet (check out the images above) is a bit of a bold decision. It doesn't photograph well and could do with an update. But hey, maybe I just have bad taste?

The Verdict

The Coast Chapel at Little Bay is a great option for small-medium weddings for the couple looking for a location that is by the beach. You don't get many picturesque locations like this chapel. Just be aware of the challenges with capturing the building and plan ahead.

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